Bob Lefsetz On Aretha

"Hey nineteen That's 'Retha Franklin She don't remember the Queen of Soul" That was recorded by Steely Dan in 1980, when Aretha already appeared to be in the rearview mirror. But she wasn't. Forget the forgettable Arista hits, but remember her appearances on the Grammys, at Obama's inauguration and the Kennedy Center Honors. Aretha;
Your password is

I'll never forget one of my early computer repair jobs, one which involved much attention to passwords. My customer, a fellow named Bob, had one of the slowest computers I'd ever seen. He was stuck in endless cycles of click, and then, wait, wait, wait. I asked how long it had been since he'd;
Astro Bob: Summer solstice facts of life

That mood mirrors the celestial tempo. In spring, the sun hurriedly climbs northward from its low perch in the south until reaching its highest point in the sky. That will happen at 5:03 a.m. (Central Time) Thursday, June 21, the date of the summer solstice. Because it beams down from high, its rays;
The Bob Lefsetz Podcast: John Dick

I'm so full of steak, I may turn into a cow...or a chicken or pig, I ate them all at this BBQ restaurant by the water. They do it differently here, it's more well-done, not medium-rare, but the items are so tasty you cannot stop, especially since I hadn't eaten anything all day. And;
Dan Cathy, Bob Quattrocchi among most

The leading executives for Chick-fil-A and Northside Hospital landed on Glassdoor's 2018 Top CEOs list, and were among five Atlanta-based CEOs considered among the most popular by their employees. The list compiled by Glassdoor was based on employee approval rating. Employees were able to submit reviews about their company's CEO, and Glassdoor used the;